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  • I am writing to you regarding your past membership in the NJ State Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs.  I noticed that you have not renewed it recently and was inquiring to see if there is any information I can provide that will entice you into renewing your membership.




  • Since I am a hunter, fisherman, trapper and shoot both tournament archery and trap; I certainly get my $35 worth in value in family protection.  The insurance follows me when I hunt other




  • There is some confusion as to whether homeowner’s or renter’s insurance is required and I would like to tell you very clearly that it is NOT.  When there is a claim to consider the insurance companies determine which insurance is primary but if a Federation member does not have another type of insurance; then the Federation general liability policy is primary.  That is one of the biggest questions that I have had to answer since becoming Membership Director in 2012. 




The second most popular question I answer is about whether the Federation general liability insurance covers equipment and it does NOT.  It is a liability policy protecting each member when they are enjoying the legal pursuit of their hunting, trapping, fishing or shooting sports. 




If I were answering questions in their order of number of occurrences, next would be whether or not the insurance is valid if the member moves to another state.  It certainly is!  The Federation general liability policy covers each member in every state of the USA, its possessions, Mexico and Canada.




Benefit of membership


Numbers help in making sure sportsmen are heard


Education – Wildlife Foundation

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